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International Harp Therapy Certification

As the rain pours down on this wintery day in the Redwoods of California, I am sitting by the fire and beginning my IHTC program. I have well over 20 years experience in providing harp therapy to Kaiser, Cedars Sinai, City of Hop and others but thought it time to affiliate myself Christina Tourin, founder of IHTC.

The stars aligned so poignantly for this connection, I had to laugh. Having recently moved to the Redwoods in Northern CA, I found that a treasured student, Elizabeth Bogdonovitch, from many years ago was now running the harp program at area hospitals. She kindly and fervently asked if I might work with her and was I affiliated with a cert. program.

I had been gearing up toward creating my own therapy certification pre-Covid with my student and clinical psychologist Karen Soronow. Low and behold, when I contacted her to restart the certification project, she had out of the blue, small world, made a connection with Christina Tourin and the IHTC program. I had known of and met Christina some 30 years ago at various harp festivals.

The ship already having been built and with fine friends and colleagues welcoming me aboard, I am in most happy company and ready to set sail.

While I have a career-span of harp therapy experience, I am sure to learn a great many things. I'll keep you posted here.

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