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Award-winning harpist Shawna Selline is a creator of musical magic for ceremonies and celebrations. Her many years of experience on both classical and Celtic harp inspire her to decorate the air with just the right music for the moment.


Shawna has played countless weddings, memorials, teas and receptions, providing warmth and elegance through her music. Through the timeless beauty of the harp, every occasion she attends, she elevates.


Shawna has also worked for many years in music therapy. Through her hospital and hospice partnerships, she has soothed hundreds of patients, friends and family members. Those present have said how much it meant to them for their loved one to float away on a cloud of heavenly sound.


Shawna’s playing has won her awards and allowed her to play alongside world-renowned musicians. She has performed with the Chieftains, worked with Joan Baez and Holly Near, won the All Ireland Harp Competition, and done work for film and television, such as the 2019 series “American Princess" and "My Fair Wedding." An accomplished composer as well, Shawna has published two books of harp compositions and has played solo concerts on the national acoustic music circuit. 

Over the years, Shawna has produced two solo albums, Meditation and Winter Faire, and worked with her folk music group The Story Wrens to create the albums Sailor and the Mermaid and Wren of Iniquity.


As a teacher, Shawna has taught locally and at nationally visible music festivals such as Lark in the Morning and the California Traditional Music Festival. Her compassion makes even the most self-conscious beginner feel safe to learn.

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