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Videos and Recordings

Winter Faire

Shawna's latest album, Winter Faire weaves the threads of Yuletide tradition into melodies. Folk music on Celtic harp focuses not on the precise reproduction of notes, but rather on the fluid interpretation and character of the moment. Winter Faire is a wonderful addition to any space looking for a fresh yet historical celebration of the season.


Suited for more formal occasions and venues, the Classical harp is dynamic and has a larger presence than the Celtic harp. Classical harp is perfect for composers such as Debussy, Bach, Vivaldi, and Mozart. Here, Shawna plays a selection from traditional Jewish repertoire. 


Shawna also enjoys producing relaxation videos - beautiful scenes of nature paired with solo harp performance. These are perfect for adding serenity to hospitals, waiting rooms, lobbies, or home.


Meditation is a solo Celtic harp album that creates an atmosphere of ancient ambience as old as firelight. It asks for no attention, yet instead entices the mind to wander and relax. Each track is wonderfully suited for at-home relaxation or therapeutic practices with background music.

Historical Folk Ensemble

Playing with her folk band The Story Wrens, Shawna breathes new life into well aged story songs from the British Isles. Each track on this album is an old, traveled tale told through lively vocal harmonies and instrumentals.


Over the years, Shawna has taught students of all skill levels, backgrounds, and ages. In addition to offering books with sheet music, she is available for lessons via Zoom (and hopefully in person again soon).


In addition to Classical and Celtic harp, Shawna enjoys learning about folk music from across the world and exploring new instruments. Here, she plays Gu-Zheng, a traditional Chinese instrument, for a remembrance.

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